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June 2018
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Back from our break of format and classiness (classyness?) we talk some lists. We bring 4 lists to the table and try to explain why they're awesome and stuff. List theory is in full swing this week, so hope you enjoy!


Topics include:

What we've been up to

Oh, look at the shiny! News, new realeases and rumors

List Theory Discussion

     -WHFB Warriors of Chaos

     -WH40k Tyranids

     -Warmachine Protectorate of Menoth

     -WH40k Chaos Space Marines


Email us questions at and we will try our damnest to not sound like idiots answering you!

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Well then... its come to this, has it? This week we take a break and have a variety show style episode with multiple topics of fun and conversation. We get pretty intoxicated, introduce a new host, give our hopes for the future, and ramble on incessantly. If you've stayed with us this long, or are new to listening, beware that this episode is nothing like what we do regularly. But every now and again its fun to let loose and let your nerd colors fly. Enjoy and thanks for sticking with us!

Topics include:

Nerdy Trivia

Nerdy Mad Libs

Chaos Boon Table drinking

Emperors Cup (Kings)

New Host and future thoughts

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're back! This week we go over the new Lizardmen for WHFB, talk about a listener email (keep 'em comin'!) and have our review of Cygnar for Warmachine. Have at it, folks!

Topics include:

0:00:00 Intro

0:00:38 What we've been up to

0:05:09 Oh, look at the shiny! News, new realeases and rumors

0:17:24 Listener email

0:32:02 Forces of the multiverse - Cygnar

1:21:21 Outro

We will talk about anything you email us about, even non-gaming related topics. Faavorite pizza topping? Zombies or Werewolves? Boxers or briefs? Anything. Email us at

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Welcome back. This week we review how last week's list builds did against eachother, and talk about the dreaded Gamer Burnout. No, not the game, the thing that happens to any hobbyist at one point or another. We talk about ways to stave off not doing what we love to do (that English was terrible...). Enjoy!

Topics include:

0:00:00 - 0:00:40 Intro

0:00:40 - 0:16:16 What we've been up to

0:16:16 - 0:28:07 Oh, look at the shiny! News, new releases and rumors

0:28:07 - 0:42:45 Last week's List Battle results

0:42:45 - 1:28:08 Gamer Burnout

1:28:08 - 1:28:38 Outro

Oh, and we are now on iTunes! Chech us out there and on Facebook, and email us anything at

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This week the guys sit down and put their list building skills to the test, by building some lists! There's talk of strategy, pros and cons of units and what is overall better. Tune in next week to see how the lists fair against eachother.

Topics include:

0:00:00 - 0:00:37 Intro

0:00:37 - 0:11:15 What we've been up to

0:11:15 - 0:27:44 Oh, look at the shiny - News, new releases and rumors

0:27:44 - 0:55:10 WH40K Ork List Building

0:55:10 - 0:55:44 Break

0:55:44 - 1:43:43 WH40k Chaos Space Marine List Building

1:43:43 - 1:44:20 Outro

Check us out on Facebook and email us at

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'ello again! This week the gang talks about the Arcanists for Malifaux, who they are and what the available masters are like. This one is full of in depth knowledge from people who have none. Enjoy!

Topics include:

0:00:00 - 0:00:36 Intro

0:00:36 - 0:16:08 What we've been up to

0:16:08 - 0:38:38 Oh, look at the shiny! News, new releases and rumors

0:38:38 - 1:51:37 Forces of the Multiverse: Arcanists

1:51:37 - 1:52:13 Outro

Dont forget to check us out on Facebook and email us anything you want at Seriously, anything, we'll read it...

Direct download: SMS-EP17.mp3
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Unfortunately, Dad didn't buy me a car... In this episode we do even more hobby talk, this week expounding on painting techniques. Starting from model prep, to priming, and then onto beginner and up to slightly advanced techniques to get your little dudesmen looking spiffy on the table!

Topics include:

0:00:00 - 0:00:38 Intro

0:00:38 - 0:15:39 What we've been up to

0:15:39 - 0:46:50 Oh, look at the Shiny! News, new releases and rumors

0:46:50 - 1:57:00 Talkin' Shop - Painting Techniques

1:57:00 - 1:15:39 Outro

Don't forget to check us out on Facebook, and email us comments, questions, show ideas, or general hatesmail at

Direct download: SMS-EP16.mp3
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This week your favorite hosts - well, these hosts anyways - talk hobby, and lots of it. We talk about beginner to advanced basing techniques, gaming table construction, and conversions on your less modular miniatures. Be warned, it was very hot this week so you can totally hear the fan in the background. It was unavoidable. Enjoy all the same!

Topics include:

0:00:00 - 0:00:35 Intro

0:00:37 - What we've been up to

0: - 0: Oh, look at the shiny! - News, new realeases and rumors

Talkin' Shop - Basing, tables and conversions


Have any questions, comments, or ideas for the show? Email us at and dont forget to check is out on Facebook!

Direct download: SMS-EP15.mp3
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How can you say no? This week we talk about the new Warmachine faction, the Convergence of Cyriss. We go through the latest No Quarter and let you in on the juicy info tidbits (but not the fishy kind...)

Topics include

0:00:00 - 0:00:38 Intro

0:00:38 - 0:10:10 What we've been up to

0:10:10 - 0:28:52 Oh, look at the shiny! News, new releases and rumors

0:28:52 - 0:29:09 Break

0:29:09 - 1:17:34 Convergence of Cyriss discussion

1:17:34 - 1:18:10 Outro

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Oi! This week we go on about the relatively recent boom in hobby Kickstarters. We talk about what they are, how we think they should be done right, and whether or not they're good for the hobby as a whole.

Topics include: 

0:00:00 - 0:00:37   Intro

0:00:37 - 0:35:43   What we've been up to

0:35:43 - 0:56:30   Oh, look at the shiny!

0:56:30 - 1:54:52   Kickstarter discussion

1:54:52 - 1:55:30   Outro

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