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April 2014
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Episode 72 - One for the Road

This week we talk about our own personal futures in the hobby. The show will be taking a break for a bit, and we wanted to talk about what we plan on gettin' done in the interim. We also give our own hobby goals/promises at the end. Thanks for sticking with us for so long, we will be back at it in no time. As always, enjoy!

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Episode 71 - The Other White Meat

This week we take a break from talking about all the big games, and talk about all the games related to all those games! We talk about Apocalypse, Unbound, RPGs, Kill Team, and a bunch more. Enjoy!

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Episode 70 - Wiggly Bits

Welcome Back! This week we get all story-telly-like and talk about narrative gaming. We talk about how it makes your games more enjoyable, give a few examples, and also announce the winners of our first contest! Enjoy!

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Episode 69 (teehee!) - Throbbing Neuro-Gauntlet

Wrapping up our month of Malifaux we discuss the Outcasts and the Gremlins (failing at the gremlin part, sorry about that). We talk about why a mustache is all you need, and why blowing up pigs is just the beans. Enjoy!


Next week we will announce our Bumper Contest winner, but fear not! There is still time to enter. Send in your submissions to by the end of September 1st to be entered to win a Malifaux crew box of your choice! I'm giving something away next week no matter waht, so stay tuned!

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Episode 68 - Zombie Ninjas

This week the boys are continuing their Malifaux talks with the Ressurectionists and the Ten Thunders. There's zombies and ninjas and everything inbetween. Enjoy!

Remember our Facebook contest and Tag-Line Bumper contest are both still ongoing, so be sure to like us on Facebook for a chance for some free stuff!

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Episode 67 - Flip Shide

Hello again. Sorry for missing last week, but we're back in full swing continuing Malifaux Month. This week we talk about the Neverborn and the Guild, as well as a little Arcanists too. We also announce our first 2 contests! Make sure you listen for them. Enjoy!

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Sharing the Fudge

Welcome back, and this week we start up our Malifaux Month! We go over the game mechanics and why we love it. We are in for a magic and steam driven month here, so hope you enjoy!

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Episode 65 - Intergalactic Space Rascal

Rounding out our Xenos week we talk about the Tau and the Necrons. From the oldest race to the youngest, we go over their backgrounds and their playstyles. There's robots of all kinds in this episode, so sit back and enjoy!

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Episode 64 - Master Crafted Sweater Vest

This week we continue our Xenos coverage and talk about the Eldar and Dark Eldar! Who are they, how do they play, and what makes them different? Find out after the jump! Enjoy...

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Episode 63 - Dad Noises

Hello again, this week we continue on with the Month of the Xenos talking about the Orks! We first go over who the Orks are and what the clanz are, and then do a short new Codex overview talking about the changes in the recent book. Hope you enjoy!

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Rpisode 62 - Glaze That Hamsteak

In this weeks (long!) episode we kick off a new topic month, and this month its the Month of the Xenos! And what better way to start than to talk about the most alien of them all... the Tyranids! After a long intro, full of rambling and banter, we go over the army as a whole, how it plays, and what they are as an army. Hope you enjoy!

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Episode 61 - Goggles on Everything!

Welcome back! This week, we dive into the topic of Steampunk Terrain for your boards. We cover all the different types of Steampunk games, from Malifaux to Warmachine and others, and give some different ways to change your boring old fantasy and victorian terrain into goggle wearing neo-hipster terrain! We finish off with our overall thoughts on the game of Warmachine and why we think its awesome on the whole. Enjoy!

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Episode 60 -  Fluff 2, the Fluffening

Continuing on with our Warmachine talk, we finish up the fluff talk with our overview of the remaining Warmachine factions. Its fluffier than the last one, which means it could get weird. Enjoy!

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Episode 59 - It's So Fluffy!

Hey everyone! This week we get dug into a huge episode talking about Warmachine Factions. We talk about the "who's who" of each of the four core factions, and how each one plays. Prepare for a whole lot of fluff talk. Enjoy!

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Episode 58 - As the Warmachine Keeps Turnin'

Starting off a new month of topics we move into Warmachine! This week we talk about the game system and how we're totally in love with it. Like, totally. Enjoy!

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Episode 57 - New Edition

Is it that time already? We're back again, and we're talking about the brand new edition of Warhammer 40,000. We start off with lots of Ork talk, then jump into it and go over whats new, and why we like it (don't worry, its not all fandom and unicorns, trust me). Enjoy!

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Episode 56 - Speedbumps on the Highway to the Danger Zone

Wrapping up our 'Defenders of the Imperium' month we have ourselves a good old fashioned list building session. We go over a couple of thematic lists designed to have a cool look and feel, and not necessarily be outright winners (lets face it, we're not too good at winning). Enjoy@


We're taking requests for next month's theme, so let us know what you want to hear at, on Facebook, or @ShinyModelPC on Twitter.

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Episode 55 - Keytards

Hey Hey! This week we finish up our talks on the forces of the Imperium with the Sisters of Battle, the Grey Knights, and the Inquisition. We go over how these are very unique forces, and why they're cool. Enjoy!

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Episode 54 - Astra Mili-whatnow?

Back once more! This week we go over the forces of the mighty Astra Militarum, or what ever they're called now. We go over all the different ways you can collect your little army men (spoilers: there's a lot). Everyone wants a guard army, so listen in to hear your options. Enjoy!

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Episode 53 - Powered Banana Hammock

Very Nice! This week we return to you with a new month of topics. This month we enter the Defenders of the Imperium Month. We'll be talking all about the good guys, and we kick it off with the Space Marines, in all their myriad flavors and colors (I like the purple ones!) Hope you enjoy!

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Episode 52 - Consistant Uselessness

This week we come back with an episode of nothingness. Taking a que from Seinfeld, we just talk about nothing. It ends up being interesting, in my opinion. Never the less, we wrap up Infinity month with a topic absolutely devoid of Infinity talk. Enjoy!

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Episode 51 - Ablative Grots

Back again! Continuing Infinity Month, this week we go over the different faction for the game. A basic overview for those interested. A veritable who's who of Infinity. Shouldnt be too boring, but I cant promise anything (I'm legally obligated to not promise anything). Enjoy!

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Episode 50 - Take Cover!

Hey there! Week 2 of Infinity Month (patent pending TM) we go over the cover rules and terrain. Yeah, we've gone over terrain for sci fi games before, but here we focus on the warzones you'll be likely to find in the Infinity universe. Hope you enjoy!

Once again, anything you'd like to hear us talk about in regards to Infinity, or any other game, let us know at, on Facebook and on twitter @ShinyModelPC!

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Episode 49 - Anatomical Precision

We return this week with the start of a new monthly topic format. Kicking off the month of April we start up Infinity Month! This week we go over the game and how we like it as a ruleset. There should be a heap of content this month, so tune in! Enjoy!


If you have any requests on what you want us to talk about in regards to Infinity, or anything, send it to us at, or @ShinyModelPC on Twitter!

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Episode 48 - The Lazy Episode

Hey guys! This week, the guys talk about some cool ideas for conversions and counts-as armies. The topic mainly revolves around using the rules to portray a cool theme. Hope you enjoy!

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Episode 47 - Gobnobbler

Welcome back kids! This week we go over the supplemental codexs for 40k. We go over each one in turn and talk about what we like 'n stuff. There's things 'n junk 'n stuff this week, 'n junk. Enjoy!


Oh, and FACEBOOK!!!!!!!! and TWITTER!!!!!!!!! @ShinyModelPC

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Episode 46 - Vengeance is a Dish Best Served Rambly

This week we attempt to talk about the new Warmachine book "Vengeance", and we do, kinda... In between off subjects and tangents, you may find some already widely known information on the forthcoming expansion. But its pretty rambly. Pretty rambly... Hope you enjoy!

Liek us on teh Facebookz and follow us on teh Twitterz @ShinyModelPC!

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Episode 45 - Ushanka, The People's Chocolate

This week is positively bloated with content! After the usual intro of hobby and new releases, we dive into Laser Cut MDF Terrain of all shapes, sizes, and tree species. We go over what is on the market, and who has the best stuff out there. Enjoy!

Follow us on Twitter @ShinyModelPC, and like us on Facebook, cuz it may be worth your while in the future....possibly...

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Episode 44 - Dark Age, Without the Plague

This week we return with a newly ripped off New Release Rating System (TM), and then jump into an overview of the game Dark Age. We all bought in at Templecon, and we're in love. Hope you enjoy!


Follow us on the twitters @ShinyModelPC, and check out our facebook!

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Episode 43 - Triumphant Return From Templecon!

And we're back! Apologies for the delay, but we make up for it with a huge show this week. We go over our recent trip to Templecon in Rhode Island, what we saw, what games we learned to play, and what we bought (which I assure you, is too much). Back to our regularly scheduled nonsense and ramblings this week, so enjoy!


Follow us on Twitter @ShinyModelPC, and like our Facebook page, cuz, well, I said so, and it makes me feel better...

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Episode 41 - A Fight for Cool

Welcome back everyone! This week we shamelessly rip off a much better podcast for material. We figure out, what we think is, the best model of 2013. I liked it, hopefully you will too. Enjoy!

Here are the models that were in contention:

Lorgar, from Forgeworld

Thallax Cohort, from Forgeworld

Lizardmen Carnisaur, from Games Workshop

Tau Riptide, from Games Workshop

Tau Broadside, from Games Workshop

Dark Elf Executioners, from Games Workshop

Geronimo, from Outlaw Miniatures

The Apache Kid, from Outlaw Miniatures

Gustav Eiffel, from Outlaw Miniatures

Ah Chu Kuk, from Dark Age

Greater Fire Elemental, from Dark Age

Lady Justice and Death Marshals, from Wyrd Miniatures

The Wendigo, from Wyrd Miniatures

Howard Langston, from Wyrd Miniatures

Hawker Industries Excelsior Battleship, from Spartan Games


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Hey guys, unfortunately we will not be having an episode this week. Scheduling errors and conflicts (read: real life) are getting in the way at the moment. I know we missed last week, and this week as well, but fear not! There is no way we will be missing next week. So apologies from all of us here, and thanks for sticking with us for this long!

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Episode 42 - It's So Dry In Here

This week we do another terrain centric show. We cover desert terrain this time around, along with the the different types of deserts and how to make terrain for those climates. Sounds dry, I know... OH! and Axel goes on a rant on how he's sick of internet complaining. We'll see if that does anything. Enjoy!

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Episode 40 - Omnomnom the Galaxy!

This week the guys sit down with a nice cup of tea and talk about... the destruction of the galaxy. The new Tyranids are the topic of the evening, both the rules and models. Goods and bads on both sides, but definately interesting all around. Hope you enjoy the show!

Check out our Facebook page, and email us all sorts of things at

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Hey hey hey folks, back again! This week we go into an in depth review of Wild West Exodus by Outlaw Miniatures. We go over the game mechanics, general fluff overview, and what we all think of the main thing, the minis. We also talk some Tyranids, cus thats the cool thing to do rightn now. Enjoy!

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Welcome back folks, and apologies for the delay. Technical difficulties combined with the hectic holiday season didn't allow us to get together for an episode, but we're back once more. This episode we look back on the model releases of 2013 that we liked, disliked, and all in all who won out this year, We also give our wishlists for 2014. Hope you enjoy the show!

Topics include:

What we've been up to

Oh, look at the shiny! News, new releases and rumors

2013 in Review - Best and Worst of the last year

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